Event held at the Hiroshima Brand Shop TAU in Tokyo Ginza
We distributed the crime prevention picture book for children [ANCHAN and
ZENKUN Looking for the curtain] at the "Carp baby photo exhibition"(^o^)

I was very happy that some of the children who read it immediately(*^_^*)

Through reading and hearding stories with parents, I hope the conversation of
children's minds will increase.

We donated crime prevention picture books “ANCHAN and ZENKUN Looking for the curtain”
to all publichall in Hiroshima
We donated crime prevention picture books “ANCHAN and ZENKUN Looking for the curtain” to all public hall in Hiroshima.
This time, Masukomi (TV / newspaper company) was also wearing the interview, and received a great deal of attention.
It’s also exhibited in graduation and entrance ceremony, it would be useful once again to improve the awareness of "safety and security". ⇒ newspaper article

Along with “East Japan big earthquake”, We supported relief goods

 “East Japan Big Earthquake” was occurred on March 11. As one of the support activities accompanying the earthquake, we delivered 480 beverage mineral waters (24 bottles / case x 20 cases) to Miyagi prefecture Watari town.
Donation is also necessary, but "water" which is needed in daily lives and veryvaluable. I thought about what we could do with our network and worked on it.
We was delighted by Watari town, and received a thank you letter from Mayor Saito immediately.  ⇒  Watari town Saito Mayor's letter (PDF file)
We are aiming for reconstruction as soon as possible and aim to be a company that can serve the company.

Participated in the “Guardian's guidance and education responsible person research conference” and “Safety and health conference"
With the National Week of Safety and Health, the Hiroshima Prefecture Security Association Business Committee was held on July 7th.
At this conference, we noticed issues related to security and educate security guards, also addressed about seasonally concerned heat stroke, and cautioned attention.
Also received an explanation from the Hiroshima Prefectural Police for confirmationof the Hiroshima Prefecture gangsters band excluding ordinance enacted on April 1.
From the afternoon, as a result of recruiting "Treatise and Slogans·Posters" about safety, we awarded excellent people. "Protect workplace safety with healthy mind and body" for the purpose of raising awareness,wellcome Mr. Yabushi Mari who is a health gymnastics instructor and gave a lecture.
Finally, we decided "Competition declaration", "I will do my best to secure workplacesafety and security", we have resolved by the people in the venue and finished.

We accepted the students in accordance with “Town Tourism Experience Week in Kaita”
As part of community contribution, We received reception of local junior high school students to experiences workplace for 5 days from July 4th to August 8 this year.
We conducted from the classroom education to the practical experience about the security service . On the final day we conducted 20 questions Mini Examination Test.
Three students who were extremely with no late no absence, we delivered a certificate of education from our representative and finished the schedule with a smile.
That will be the valuable experience in your life in the future.
It was a great job for 5days.

Our company was posted as a corporate case in the " Management Innovation Approved Company Introduction " book
Few days ago, “Development · Sale of emergency reporting system and creation of Crime prevention awareness picture book for children ", Hiroshima Prefecture Chamber of Commerce Federation Community Collaboration Center Project Support Center, "Management Innovation Plan" was approved by the Governor of Hiroshima Prefecture was posted as a company case in the magazine.
That magazine was distributed at the seminar and research society in support center, that easy to widely understand our efforts, make our company's credibility and we intend to use it as a material that leads to stabilization of management.

I hope many people will be able to read picture books in the future and be able to help to improve crime prevention awareness.
→Thank you letter from the National Library

On October 28 this year, we received a business registration from the Governor of Hiroshima Prefecture.
We will continue to contribute to the region and try to work on realizing a Safe・Secure society.
→Partnership registration certificate

10:00 Tuesday, September 16, 2009 at Kaida police station in the Seino police office, our president was attended as “Vice President of Aki District Traffic Safety Cooperation Association” and said the word of gratitude at "Patlite unveiling ceremony- Lighting Ceremonial".
Patlite unveiling ceremony- Lighting
Ceremonial venue
Acknowledgment of our company president (Vice President of Aki District Traffic Safety Association)

We cooperated with "Shoku Festival" to see, touch, and experience three "Shoku"(food, job, planting) sponsored by the Kaichita Commerce Youth Department.
→Chu-pi- special issue.

We recruited Japanese Brazilian who has lost job, irregular workers and held a briefing session.
→Newspaper introduced our efforts

Through crime prevention activities for children, we want to serve the local community, that’s why we produced crime prevention picture books.

Crime prevention picture book [ANCHAN and ZENKUN Looking for the curtain]
Cooperation by Hiroshima University Faculty of Education Wakamoto Professor's laboratory