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Event held at the Hiroshima Brand Shop TAU in Tokyo Ginza (Updated on July 1, 2016)

Our chairman was posted in the "Hiroshima Prefecture Police Friends Association" magazine
(Updated on September 2, 2013 )
We deeply understand the mission of the security industry and all employees will work hard together to help the regional company, appropriate for being called the police official's biggest partner
→Published in the "Police Friends Association" bulletin No.15 (PDF file)

We donated crime prevention picture books “ANCHAN and ZENKUN looking for the curtain” to all public hall in Hiroshima  (Updated on February 1, 2012)

Along with “East Japan big earthquake”, We supported relief goods  (Updated on July 28, 2011)

Participated in the “Guardian's guidance and education responsible person research conference” and “Safety and health conference". (Updated on July 19, 2011)

We accepted the students in accordance with “Town Tourism Experience Week in Kata”. (Updated on July 14, 2011)

Our company was posted as a corporate case in the " Management Innovation Approved Company Introduction " book. (Updated on April 1)

We donated crime prevention  picture books “ANCHAN and ZENKUN looking for the curtain”  to the National Diet Library and received letter of thank.  (Updated November 16)

We are registered “Reduce crimeless · Prevent traffic accident partnership Hiroshima office ". (Updated November 16)

President attended and said the word of gratitude at "Patoraito unveiling ceremony- Lighting Ceremonial". (Updated November 16)

Introduced our regional contribution activities.  (Updated on August 5)

We made "ANCHAN and ZENKUN Looking for the curtain" a crime prevention picture book for children, with the cooperation of the laboratory of Wakamoto professor, Faculty of Education at Hiroshima University. (Updated on February 11)

Director Yasuo Onari was present at the “The role of security services in schools and surrounding areas symposium”.
  → Contents of the symposium (PDF file)