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Combine security check buzzer and patrol security installed in classroom of primary and junior high school, start full-fledged deployment of "School Emergency Notification System" in the suburbs of Hiroshima city to protect children's safety.We have raised crime prevention effect which has been adopted by 6 primary schools and junior high schools in Kaita town, and based on this achievement, we will proceed with introduction to schools in neighboring areas.

In June 2001 we proposed installation of the system to Kaita cho school board and from autumn the same year setting at 6 primary schools and junior high schools.Two security buzzers are provided for each classroom,when an emergency happens, press it and wirelessly warn the staff room . It immediately inform to security guards of Aki management service during patrol near from there so that they rush to the site. In addition, setting the small crime prevention buzzer cooperate with all of the childs and students, secure safety at the time of go to school by cooperation with a patrol car. As a "Child safety model" with high crime prevention effect, received high evaluation from the school and local peoples. Since we were able to accumulate know-how system such as optimal equipment installation and patrol model, also moved adoption also outside Kaita town.

There are many systems that protect children from crime while the environment surrounding children and students gets worse, such as frequent invasion and kidnapping of suspicious individuals throughout the country. In the future, we will also incorporate functions such as GPS (Global Positioning System) and location management combined with wireless IC tags, and we will also develop a system that enables unified safety confirmation at the school and company. Besides children, we will also apply it to safety management such as wandering elderly people.

Hiroshima keizaireport Decenber 16,2004

Director Yasuo Onari was present at the gThe role of security services in schools and surrounding areas symposiumh.@
@@@@@@@¨ Contents of the symposium (PDF file)